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smart card lock

smart card lock
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Product Name: smart card lock
Product Model: M343MFSA
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Product Information:
Lock system consists of Douwin lock, software, encoder, RF card and energy saving switch
Function of self-diagnosis: digital display in deduction zone helps implement sound operations and eliminate problems
Function of suite: applicable for specially designed house layout (for instance room in room or villa)
Function of public gate: applicable for public facilities of guests example swimming pool, underground park and more
Function of time limit: the card can be set with an expiration time and after that, the door cannot be opened by this card
Function of room reservation: the card can be preset to be usable beginning at a certain time, which is convenient for group reservations
Function of emergency: the emergency card can be used to open the door at any time under every condition
Function of free entrance: the free entrance card enables the door to stay open at certain time, which is convenient for places such as conference rooms, offices and and more
Function of no-disturbing: by turning the inside switch, the lock can be set with no disturbing
Function when the door is opened from outside by the waitress, a warning will be given immediately
Function of automatic detection: if this function is enabled, a warning will be given when the door is not securely locked